Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative

The Good Neighbor Program Online Training

Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative

The Good Neighbor Program Online Training

Background Info

The Good Neighbor Program is an important component of Atlanta Housing’s ongoing efforts to provide families with opportunities for growth and success. The Program provides in-depth information aimed to guide participants on how to successfully maintain their Housing Choice Voucher and positively contribute to their communities.

We strategically designed an easy-to-use online training platform for Atlanta Housing’s Good Neighbor Program from video production to web development.

Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative, contracted by Atlanta Housing to provide the training aspects of the Good Neighbor Program (GNP), over time, recognized that in-person program participation was not always a feasible option for every Housing Choice Voucher applicant. For an online training platform to be of use to the GNP participant demographic, MLKSRCRC needed a system compatible with their target demographic usage capabilities, with easy-to-understand self-guided visual educational content, that could capture exportable vital usage statistics for program administrators.

In partnership with American Technologies, IROCREATE developed the Good Neighbor Program Online Training learning platform, with these requirements in mind. We went above and beyond paying close attention to all user experience details; the goal being to maintain user attention and engagement. We re-wrote all the GNP’s training modules for clear and concise narration and updated module presentations visuals to aid in information retention. Also, we ensured course progression was easy to navigate with instructions strategically placed throughout the online training platform.

Everything considered we worked hard on development so that the Good Neighbor Program participants don’t have to.

Development Subjects

  • 10 modules
  • 10 module recap quizzes
  • Final program assessment
  • Program satisfaction survey
  • Easy to access program companion manual
  • Exportable participant progress details & statistics
  • Activity & reminder email notifications
  • Ease of Use

Creative Results

  • Good Neighbor Program logo
  • Responsive self-progressing learning management system
  • Over 200 topical video presentations scripted, animated & narrated
  • Redesigned module presentations for in-person training classes
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